El Parque Papas

We are an agricultural industry specialized in the crop of different types of potato. We supply the industry and the fresh market. Since 2002, we have been growing and harvesting potatoes for the Argentinian market.

Our Company


    Around the year 2002, there was an already sustained demand on the potato production for the supply of the industry. Our funding members decided to start a personal and family entrepreneurship to supply fresh products to this growing industry as a goal. For that, we started growing potatoes for PepsiCo in Argentina, a company with which we established a relationship that became stronger with the years.


    Throughout the years, our company has grown in such a way that we built our own cold storages to offer storage service to our clients. In 2010, we began our own seed production and storage for our own supply and for third parties. Six years later, we expanded our horizons and started producing, washing and preparing potatoes for the consumer market.


    Currently, at El Parque Papas we produce and store potato seeds and fresh potatoes for the industry. We also provide the consumer market with washed and fresh potatoes, straight from our crops. We have always worked with respect for the environment, maximizing the energy use, and committed to the sustainable agricultural practices.

Our Team

We combine ideas, knowledge and the characteristics of multi-skilled people, which distinguish us from everyone else: commitment, leadership and passion for what we do. We focus on the development of people that work with high performance standards, flexibility and are open towards new opportunities.
We are convinced that teamwork is essential to achieve our goals as an organization. Hence, we are a company that longs for its growth and that can be reached with the continuous development of its human capital. We contribute to the well-being of our employees and help them reach their individual and collective goals. This is achieved by optimizing the work conditions of our employees.


Our commitment to quality, ethics, and excellence extend beyond our company. It shows in all our products, in the human quality of our team, and in our plan to support the community’s growth. We are convinced that as a part of an industry that co-exists with natural resources, the respect and the care for those resources and the environment are the only ways of being responsible and sustainable.

Regarding this commitment framework to quality and excellence, our company has the recurring support of GLOBAL GAP (Good Agriculture Practices), which certifies that our production system meets the international standards of Good Agricultural Practices (BPA for its initials in Spanish), as well as environmental, social and economic sustainability standards.

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